Rent properties easily and efficiently

The rental of apartments is essentially a service-oriented business. We have developed our platform Aavu to meet the unique needs of the industry.

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Renting real estate is a stable business, but its management can be challenging. Traditionally, the apartment rental business has been slow to adopt digitalization, which is certainly due to the fact that there have not been reasonable solutions for running the rental business.

Many players in the industry struggle with, among other things, these challenges:

  • Contract management is challenging and it would be desirable to electrify it
  • No possibility for electronic signatures
  • Communicating with tenants is time-consuming
  • No possibility of modern reporting, which can be monitored with different metrics, also between teams
  • Collecting rents and monitoring payments is complicated

Our mission at Aavu is to manage large numbers of apartments easily and effectively so that there is more time for other important activities.

Aavu can solve these challenges:

  • Electronic contract management and electronic signatures
  • Effective communication tools to use with tenants through our platform and marketing automation
  • A modern reporting tool that makes it easy to track income streams
  • Collaborative partner for debt collection
  • In addition to these, there are many other features that make everyday life easier!

We know that in addition to the financial side, the customer experience and managing the rental relationship throughout its life cycle is a very important part of the rental business. With Aavu, the process becomes easier and customer satisfaction improves, also from the tenant's point of view.

Our platform Aavu has a customer service portal, where the customer can view the rental agreement himself and edit related information. We also offer the customer all possible payment methods:

  • Card payment
  • Email invoice
  • Paper invoice
  • Online invoicing

If you are interested in our platform or want to talk about property rental, don’t hesitate contacting us!

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