Make property rental easy with Aavu.

When managing properties, having an efficient system is essential to ensure resident satisfaction and retain customers. With Aavu, you can streamline your property management processes and avoid the risk of losing residents. Whether you manage houses, warehouses, or office spaces our platform provides the tools you need to run your operations smoothly.

Plans and pricing

Administrate multiple rental properties

Aavu offers an apartment information overview, allowing you to track the situation of your properties at one glance. You can access contract information and income estimates effortlessly, ensuring efficient management of your rental portfolio.

Let residents communicate their needs in self-service portal

Reduce the hassle of traditional phone contacting and emailing. Residents can update their information and make requests through Aavu’s self-service portal, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of their experience. As a landlord, you receive real-time notifications about these changes or contacts, enabling you to respond promptly and take necessary actions.

Don’t worry about security & privacy

Aavu prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. Aavu is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with utmost care and protection. Additionally, we offer credit inquiries to help you make informed decisions when selecting potential tenants.

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Plans & Features

Product management
Contract management
KPI Dashboard
Online Archive
Self-service Portal
Online sales
Marketing automation
Campaign and discount management

Payment services

Card Payments
Payment Plan Management
Sales Ledger
Receivables management and collection
Invoicing customer support

Additional services

Credit Check
Strong Authentication
Contract Integrations
International Business
Aavu Academy
Live Support
Live Onboarding
Training and Consulting
Aavu Community Events