The core focus of Aavu's features is to make running, growing and managing your subscription-based business effortlessly and seamlessly. This way, you have time to concentrate on what matters most.

Manage and sell service products

Every business has unique service products, and each customer segment is different. It is important to offer them tailored service packages with different pricing models. With Aavu, you can easily create diverse service and pricing models for different customer segments. Enhance your sales by offering service tiers and additional services!

  • Tailor-made product catalogue and structure
    Aavu enables a product selection and structure that is just right for you. You can create individual products, product packages as well as additional services.

  • Flexible pricing options
    For each product, you can build exactly the pricing model you want, which can be, for example, linear, volume-based, or it can include, for example, a free trial period. You have freedom in pricing.

  • Discounts and campaigns
    Create discounts and campaigns that are valid for your chosen products, locations, contract models, etc. You can also create discount codes to be used in online sales.

  • Warehouse management
    Aavu allows you to manage individual warehouse products. This enables tracking of individual products, which is especially necessary in the leasing business.

Automate invoicing

An automated invoicing process is the key to a more efficient business!

  • Billing partnership
    Invoicing as a process generally ties up a lot of resources in business if it is done manually. Aavu has an existing integration for an billing partner which will take care of your invoicing, payment monitoring and related customer service for you. This allows you to focus on what is important.

  • Card payments
    Paying with a card is the biggest consumer payment trend nowadays. This is common especially in subscription-based business. Automatic card payment speeds up the service provider's cash flow! Aavu enables payment by card along with other payment methods.

Provide excellent customer experience

Excellent customer experience is in the core when building successful business. At Aavu, customer's experience is at the center of everything.

  • Self-service portal
    Research shows that when the customer can manage their contract and customership individually, customer experience increases. This also releases resources from the service provider's customer service. In the self-service portal, it is also possible to manage payment methods and this removes barriers to purchase. This makes buying hassle-free and reduces the bar to make the transaction

  • Customer service process
    Our invoicing partner is always trained for the needs of the customer and the product. Customer service can also be arranged in such a way that the customer has only one phone number, through which he can get all the service he needs. This ensures seamless customer experience.

  • CRM
    You get a 360-degree view of your customer in customer management. This way you can serve your customer more individually and to the best of your ability.

Digitalize and automate processes

Manual paperwork and using resources for repetitive tasks may steal time from your core activities. At Aavu, we want to enable the automation of your business processes so that you have time to focus on the essentials!

  • Online sales
    Online sales enable the creation of order contracts by the customer regardless of time and place, which gives customers the freedom to complete the Purchase Process on their terms.

  • Digital contract management
    In Aavu's software service, everything is done electronically and all business documents are archived electronically, taking into account the requirements of legislation.

  • Electronic signature
    You no longer need to print and sign the contract manually. With Aavu, the signature is handled electronically through strong identification of the customer.

  • Marketing automation
    With marketing automation, sales and marketing processes can be made more efficient and the conversion of new customer acquisitions as well as customer retention can be increased.

  • Process automation
    Since human memory is not enough to fully serve all things worth remembering, Aavu's process automation always reminds users of the right things at the right place at the right time.


Scalability is a crucial aspect for any business or organization looking to grow and expand its operations. It refers to the ability of a system, software, or platform to handle increased workload and adapt to changing demands without compromising performance or user experience. Aavu offers scalability features to both private entrepreneurs and large organizations with hundreds of employees.

  • User management
    Aavu supports both private entrepreneurs and the organizational structure of hundreds of employees. User management with access rights can be built exactly according to the structure of the organization in question.

  • Distribution channel
    In the case of large organizations, Aavu acts as a distribution channel forward in the organization in terms of products, price lists and also discounts. For each of these, it is possible to select separately, for example, which product and price list is valid at which location.


Business management needs data to support it. Subscription-based business requires its own metrics so they are targeted at the right things. Aavu's reporting tools enable truly data-driven business with a monthly charge.

  • Dashboards
    Aavu has a reporting tool, where you can see all the most important metrics of your monthly business. It is also easy to compare metrics over time, between selected time periods or even between different business units.

  • Sales ledger
    Accounting has its own needs and these are also taken into account in Aavu. At any time, you can download a report on invoicing and payments required by your accounting needs.
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