All-in-one platform for automotive industry

Start, run and evolve your business with ease – and do it better than others. As the automotive industry is rapidly becoming service-oriented, every player in the field has to change their business model.

Automotive industry services

Service Care

With Aavu Care you can handle the whole life cycle of service care contracts from sales to account management, marketing and billing processes to the end of the customership. Ease your business with Aavu!


Service Care for Pre-owned Vehicles

Aavu makes it easy for you to handle care contracts for pre-owned vehicles from sales to account management, marketing and billing processes to the end of the customership. Level-up your care contract business with Aavu Care 2nd.



Aavu enables you to manage your leasing fleet with ease! Aavu Leasing has all the features for leasing business fleet management, sales, invoicing, marketing and so much more.


Aavu Flex

Manage your financed fleet with buy-back-agreement / repurchase agreements. Consists of features like repurchase contract residual value modeling tool, financing integration and fleet value modelling.


Heavy Vehicle

Offer heavy equipment vehicles as a service and manage your business easily with an all-in-one platform. Aavu Heavy Vehicle takes into account the special requirements of the industry and can be tailored to individual needs.


Aavu Vehicle Services

Do you have an idea for your vehicle based subscription? We at Aavu can make it happen! Please contact us and let's make your dream reality. Our platform is open to new ideas and we develop the platform to suit our customers needs.


Plans and pricing

With Aavu you can

Automate repetitive tasks

  • Optimize human resources
  • Automate communication
  • Automate payment transactions
  • Outsource customer service

Increase sales opportunities with pricing and additional services

  • Design vehicle service products
  • Sell additional services  (car wash, tire changes etc.)
  • Increase gross profit margin
  • Improve vehicle sales processes and distribution channels

Provide modern customer experience

  • Make the buying process as easy as purchasing streaming services
  • Provide easy online purchase process - no need for sales interaction
  • Provide a self-service portal
  • Let the customers make the purchase in a few clicks

"The one who offers mobility as a service with the best customer experience will emerge as the winner in the market."

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All features

Automotive product management
Contract management
KPI Dashboard
Financial reporting
Self Service portal
Online Sales
Campaign and discount management
Marketing automation

Payment services

Card payment
Payment plan management
Sales Ledger
Payment collection
Invoicing customer support

Additional services

Contract integration
Credit Check
Strong authentication
International Business
Aavu Academy
Live Support
Live Onboarding
Training & Consulting
Aavu Community Events

Automotive features

Automotive Product Pricing
Fleet Management
Claim Application Tool
Claim Database