Aavu - at your service

Not just a technology solution. Our experts are here to help you to shape your business into a subscription model or develop your existing business to be the best it can be!

1. Start the business - turn products into services

Before your business starts to run, build the base properly.

Subscription-based business requires different things from the productization than the traditional sale of a product based one-time purchase.

Our experts can help in

  • understanding the market and target group
  • product design
  • pricing
  • planning the measurement
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2. Let's get your business rolling!

After successfully launching your product, it's time to measure, evaluate and improve the process of your business.

Subscription Business Coaching as a Service

  • We are your partner in continuous development
  • Together, let’s develop metrics to elevate your business to a new level
  • Analyzing results and metrics
  • Conceptualizing additional services and understanding customer trends
  • Enhancing the customer experience

You have the product, and we have expertise in the specific needs of subscription-based businesses!

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3. Supporting Growth through Training!

There may be situations where additional training is needed in your organization:

  • The main user changes within your organization.
  • You have new staff members 
  • You want to use Aavu more efficiently

We are experienced in hybrid training.

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