One year at Aavu – Customer Success Coordinator Juho

We celebrate the one-year anniversary of our Customer Success Coordinator. Juho’s work has played a great role in driving our company's and customers' success.

Juho Kuokkanen, Customer Success Coordinator

On year of helping our customers to succeed

Juho Kuokkanen started a year ago at Aavu, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to the table. His journey began with a deep dive into understanding our platform and subscription business. A great part of his job has involved collaboration with our developers, sales team and marketing team. 

How do you describe the past year at Aavu?

“Last year has been an exciting and transformative period for our business! Throughout the year we have achieved several milestones, including many new clients, lots of new features to our software, new colleagues to our team and successfully rebranding of our product! I began my journey at Aavu as a Business Development Trainee last August and since then I have transitioned to my current position as a Customer Success Coordinator. During this time I have embraced many learning opportunities, allowing me to bolster my skill set and evolve into a professional within our dynamic and fast-paced work environment!”

What is the best part of your job?

“Working as a Customer Success Coordinator has been a rewarding job for several reasons. I have enjoyed building strong relationships with our customers and helping them to overcome some challenges which require creative problem solving skills. However, the best part of my job is helping clients find the best ways to use our system so they can succeed in their own business. ”

In the centre of Juho's role is to build meaningful relationships with our clients. Through proactive problem-solving and attentive listening, he has successfully helped our customers – from guiding through onboarding to addressing concerns promptly.

What tips do you have for companies to run their subscription-based business successfully?

“Running a successful subscription business requires careful planning, execution and a focus on customer satisfaction, but also a bit of courage to try new things! Here are my three tips to build and maintain a thriving subscription-based business:

  1. Offer value and solve a problem! Ensure that your subscription service provides value for your customers and clearly communicate that to them.
  2. Understand your target audiences preferences, interests and pain points. By that you can tailor your offering to match your customers needs.
  3. Make sure that your onboarding process is simple and user-friendly. Customers should be able to subscribe quickly and start using your service easily.

Remember, building a successful subscription business takes time and effort. Stay committed to providing value to your subscribers, and always be open to feedback and suggestions for improvement.”