Our developer team is growing – say hi to Elias!

Elias Viitanen will strengthen our team as a Junior Software Developer.

Junior Software Developer Elias Viitanen

Elias Viitanen has previous experience in software development in the world of finance. In addition to work he is studying information and communication engineering at the University of Turku.

How has the first week been?

“The first week has been exciting. The reception and the atmosphere have been immaculate. It already feels like having multiple new friends. The onboarding process has been comprehensive. I’ve already had my first chance to be included in the Aavu development process and had great mentorship while doing my first tasks. I’m enthusiastic about future work and learning opportunities with the Aavu team.”

How do you relax after hard work days?

“Few years ago, I got whirlpooled into the world of golf and from then on my summer afternoons have been occupied with the previously mentioned activity:D. When it’s not golf season, I enjoy playing computer games, skiing and padel. After all, a little sauna and a few beers have never hurt anybody”

We are happy to have Elias in our team, welcome!