Transform Your Utilities Business with Aavu.

Aavu is a platform for businesses in the utilities industry to run business with recurring charges. Aavu offers a wide range of features to streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Plans and pricing

With Aavu you can

Make contract management easy 

Aavu simplifies the contract process, allowing you to focus on other issues with the business! With Aavu, you can easily make electronic signatures, manage your contract base and be up-to-date about your customer’s contracts all the time. 

Offer a digital purchase path 

Eliminate the need for intermediaries. Aavu provides a seamless online shopping experience, enabling customers to make purchases directly through our platform. By removing unnecessary steps, you can streamline the buying process and enhance customer satisfaction.

Ease your invoicing

Say goodbye to manual invoicing processes that are prone to errors and delays. Aavu automates the invoicing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. You can create and send invoices with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and resources.

All features

Plans & Features

Product management
Contract management
KPI Dashboard
Financial reporting
Self-service Portal
Online sales
Campaign and discount management
Marketing automation

Payment services

Card Payment
Payment Plan Management
Sales Ledger
Payment collection
Invoicing customer support

Additional services

Credit Check
Strong Authentication
Contract Integrations
International Business
Aavu Academy
Live Support
Live Onboarding
Training and Consulting
Aavu Community Events