Aavu welcomes a new Head of Operations

Juuso Suominen commenced the position at the end of January.

Juuso Suominen, Aavu's new Head of Operations

We’re excited to announce that Juuso August Suominen has joined our team as a Head of Operations! With his former experience from marketing comms and working with over 60 companies brings a wealth of new perspectives and practices.

We are confident that Juuso will play a great role in shaping the future of Aavu. With this move we can also deliver even better service to our customers!

"I’m extremely thrilled to be part of this team of professionals! How fluency meets expertise and motivation in daily work is a combination that I passionately study and develop. Aavu offers an excellent product suite and a vast variety of subscription based solutions, which have consistently gained interest from all sorts of companies. This fact puts a considerable amount of pressure on my shoulders, but it also paints extremely intriguing prospects on the horizon for the future. Bring it on!" he says.